Brand information

We are the exclusive distributor for scented candles, designer stationery, lifestyle and home wares products.  Please click on the links below for more information.

Rewined In 2009, Rewined began with a discarded wine bottle and a vision. Today, the company is selling high quality repurposed wine bottle candles with scents that mimic the flavours and aromas found in your favourite wine varietals. But they are not just candles; they now offer more collections of products for the wine enthusiast. Rewined crafts beautifully designed and functional products

Produce The Produce journey is one of passion and curiosity. The enthusiasm for the sights, sounds, and smell of farmers markets influenced the product concept greatly. Fascinated by the diversity of produce in the market place, Produce Candles was born. now, the brand has expanded into more than just candles and offers many products for the home

Roam by 42 Pressed Fusing together hand painting, patterns, typography and letterpress, creator Jackie Hall Robinson loves to curtail her work to the simple minded individual that has an edgy style. She designs products that are both simple and beautiful but also serve a purpose.

Lulie Wallace  Products explore the theme of the intersection of art and life. Lulie gets most excited seeing art transform from a canvas and take on a completely different form that can be used to stimulate us in our everyday lives. Working closely perfecting each scent with colorful hand-painted artwork and each of the names represented reflects various elements in Lulie's studio.


Teministeriet (Tea Ministry) is a specialty tea company founded in Malmö Sweden. With roots from the island of Formosa, Teministeriet combines age-old tea traditions of the Far East with Scandinavian minimalism, design and flair.



Hollow Tree – inspired by the iconic landmark in Stanley Park, Vancouver – an 800 year old Western Red Cedar tree, the provincial tree of British Columbia. As a former forester planting trees throughout the mountains and valleys of the Pacific Northwest, she discovered her passion for trees; the sanctuary they provided, the scents they gave off, the inspiration they created.